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Christina Martel, Nominated

Christina Martel

Christina Martel

As an independent insurance broker, I collaborate with my clients to find them medical, dental, vision and long term disability insurance plans most appropriate for their unique situations. My focus is on individuals, families, small businesses from 2 to 50 employees and seniors.

Choosing the right Medicare plan can be complicated. I guide seniors through that mysterious world so that together we can determine the right coverage depending on age and situation. What works at the age of 65 is not necessarily what is the best choice at 75. Medicare plans can be changed every year during open enrollment.

Additionally I educate seniors about long term care and asset protection options to ensure that they can comfortably retire with independence and dignity.

I’m licensed to practice in California only.

Trang Phung, Nomination Accepted

Trang Phung

CEO and Founder of SEN Collection

Trang Phung was born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam, during the height of the Vietnam War. Trang’s mother used all of the family savings and arranged for her to escape Vietnam on a small fishing boat.

With an intensive background and success in Wealth Management, Trang believed opening a business in a tough economy had many advantages. She reasoned “when working in the Wall Street arena, I was successful by buying more shares for clients when the Stock Market shifted downward and more people were selling. With the same strategy, I opened a business when competitors are down and vendors and landlords are negotiable and willing to accept our terms. But most importantly, people who love fashion will always look for great places to shop, where they find the elegant and unique look without paying high prices!”

Shortly after the opening of SEN, Trang immediately gathered a team of upcoming talents to launch the Private Collection for SEN. Regarding to SEN Private Collection, Trang said “I wouldn’t want to carry the mass produced clothing like everyone else, I would rather offer my customers the WOW-factor of SEN Private Collection that is sexy, classy, high quality and yet affordable.”  Sen Couture

Joseph Francisco, Nominated

Joseph_FranciscoMr. Francisco has vast experience in the Domestic and International Marketplace, more specifically in the complex and demanding Aviation Support domain.

Joseph owns and manages an Aviation Supply Corporation with 14 exceptionally professional analysts and sales personnel readily capable in locating hard to find Aircraft parts. Established 3 overseas offices, in Manila, The Philippines, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Athens, Greece, to assist and increase the sales activity of Uniglobe Aerospace, Inc.

He has acquired a world reputation attracting at least two dozen overseas Airlines whose respect and confidence have made them remain as loyal customers since early in the start of his enterprise.

He has earned an FAA and ASA approval early in his endeavor and look forward to continuing the growth of  Uniglobe Aerospace, Inc.

Floyd Black, Nominated

Floyd-BlackExperienced in Managing Award Winning Businesses.

Worked for international banks, life insurance and investment companies. Recruited, trained and managed over 400 financial advisers and managers. Won Five Master Managers Awards, Two TOP Builder Awards and the President’s Cup – that year we had a +82% increase in business. Grew the region eight-fold plus create two new regions and promote five Regional Directors. Founded and trademarked Personal Financial Coach TM.

Believes in pro-active customer service – by initiating contact every 90 days. Have established relationships with many of today’s leading companies in addressing some of senior management’s biggest concerns. Experienced in: Non-Profit Health Care Coverage, Insurance, Global Investments, Precious Metals, Risk Management and Profit Recovery. My Linked-In Profile is in the Top One-Half of One Percent of the most viewed profiles on Linked-In, I am a LION (Linked-In Open Networker).

Platinum Member Worldwide Who’s Who. Connects well with senior management,i.e.: Presidents, CEO’s, COO’s. I am totally at ease in speaking to groups from a few hundred to well over 2000 attendees and I always sprinkles clean humor throughout my presentations. Please feel free to connect with me using: ►►► ◄◄◄

Bev Blackmon, Nville Pros Nominated



Bev Blackmon, President

We have successfully implemented web design services and ecommerce solutions for small to medium size companies as well as Fortune 500 companies for the past 12+ years.

Nville Pros architects and develops custom web sites, web applications, portals and e-commerce sites as well as providing website maintenance services and extended customer support.

Cassie Lopez, Nomination Accepted

Cassie Lopez

Cassie Lopez is an Intuitive Business

and Lifestyle Transformation Coach for Women.

Cassie specializes in teaching Women Business owners how to UNLEASH THEIR POWER in their lives and businesses so that they can make GREAT MONEY while making a BIGGER DIFFERENCE! To Find out more about Cassie Lopez visit her on the web at

Sylvia Nibley, Nomination Accepted

Sylvia Nibley

Sylvia Nibley

Sylvia Nibley is an award-winning entrepreneur who is passionate about making life easier for heart-centered entrepreneurs and people ready for massive transformation.

She gets phenomenal results and has helped thousands of people wake up to the truth of who they are. Her background is in practicing and teaching bodywork, energy healing, personal growth and heart-centered business skills. Her depth of expertise has developed over 20 years of passionate commitment and service as an entrepreneur, healer, spiritual guide and teacher.

Drawing from a deep connection to nature and guided by constant connection to spirit, Sylvia brings love and transformation to everyone she touches.